Health and Wellness

What’s your favorite excuse?

Let me take a stab at it: No time? Work too much? Kids to shuttle around? (Sorry kids that your parents blame you so much)😔

We all have excuses and they’re so convenient to use. In fact, some people start to believe their excuses for not living the way they should. Sooner or later, it all catches up to us. It’s better to to nip the excuse making in the bud before it gets too late and our health deteriorates.

Take a look around at the average person in their mid 30’s. Statistics tell us around 80% of Americans don’t exercise or eat healthy. How do you think they will look in their 60’s or 70’s? Probably old, frail, fat, slow moving, and elderly, right? Maybe on a bunch of prescription medications, perhaps?

Most people expect that’s the conventional way society will age. There are the exceptional 70 or 80 year old people that are very active, healthy and have aged gracefully. These are your small percentage of people that have always taken up a healthy lifestyle. If you want to age gracefully and live a healthy life, you must take the steps now while you’re in your youth. Be a part of the exception! Be that small percentage! Start with planning some time out of your day for just you. If all you have is 10 minutes of free time, then great! 10 minutes of exercise adds up and your health will thank you for it.

We all age and our golden years are right around the corner. (Sooner than you think) Life is short. Stay strong to live long!

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