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Our Why

When we first start with a new client we often challenge them to write down their reason for wanting to make changes to their diet or exercise routine. We call it their “why” statement. For some people it is hard and for some it is easy. It is an important part of the process because not only does it come in handy later down the road when things get hard, but it helps to solidify the reason behind their decision to make changes. Having those reasons written down makes them real. It makes them solid and a real force for change.

So what is our why? Why did Jamie and I decide to turn our lives upside down and start a coaching business? It boils down to one simple sentence: We want to inspire, motivate, and educate others about healthy living. We’ve seen it change so many lives including our own and want to help others truly live their very best lives. Once you know better you can do better.

We want to inspire you! To inspire is to fill someone with the urge or ability to do or feel something, especially something creative. Creating a new healthy life is definitely a creative thing. We want to push you and urge you to create your best life.

To motivate is to stimulate someone’s interest in or enthusiasm for doing something. Once you are inspired, you’ve caught the vision, we want you to be excited about making steps towards being more healthy. We want to be the kick in the pants that you need to keep moving forward, to help you tweak what needs to be changed to keep you motivated.

You can’t be inspired or motivated if you don’t know what to do and that’s where education comes in. We want you to understand how your body works, how food affects it, how exercise affects you and how you can use the tools of diet and exercise to be your very best self. Life shouldn’t be a lifetime of yo-yo or fad diets with binging in between. We are here to teach you how to make changes for success in both nutrition and fitness. We want to help you make small, consistent changes that will add up to an amazing new you!

We want you to be healthy and happy. There is no magical number on the scale or the tape measure that will make you happy, happiness comes from deep within yourself. Be proud of the small victories that you are making to become healthy.

We are honored to be your coaches.


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